The wise thief uses a jammer but can't survive with the CARTRACK system to help in time.

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Even knowing the benefits of GPS tracking the car, how much it can help take care of the car worth more than the investment. But there is still a belief that the GPS system is great, it loses. GPS signal cutter, also known in the car industry as a Jammer (Jammer).

Cartrack article now Let's cite the fact that CARTRACK's business customers encountered a car thief who used a jammer to cover or try to cut off the GPS signal installed in the car. But in the end, the thief had to lose. What is the story like? Let's see.

CARTRACK's GPS review. What will it be like to find a GPS signal cutter?

This CARTRACK customer is a car rental business in Don Mueang Airport area. (Let the name assume Mr. C for easy storytelling)

the event begins When C is unable to contact one of his customers After renting a car for 2 days

with car rental experience Khun C intuitively felt that Something bad might happen. In addition, abnormal status is detected in the installed CARTRACK GPS tracking application.

Mr. C decided to immediately contact the Vehicle Recovery Team or SVR of CARTRACK for assistance.

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A shrewd thief tries to use a GPS Jammer to steal a GPS-equipped car.

CARTRACK's vehicle recovery personnel working 24 hours a day in the control room were notified and inspected immediately. which found the position of the car in time And the car coordinates from CARTRACK's GPS are quite accurate.

CARTRACK staff therefore monitored and reported the location of Mr. C. The owner of the car at all times is on the move.

Until finally, Mr. C was able to go and see the rental car by himself. Once there, use the spare key to open the car and explore. Found that there was a GPS signal cutter plugged into the cigarette lighter. Therefore, I am confident that This real customer was a thief who was stealing his car.

But fortunately, the thieves did not succeed. Mr. C can track the car back first with the flair like an experienced car rental operator and GPS tracking system with CARTRACK's vehicle recovery team.

Does the GPS signal cutter really work?

The fact that must be accepted is Signal Jammer or GPS Jammer actually works by these machines are high power radio frequency transmitters. to send out waves to interfere with the communication signal

such as mobile phones, GPS, WiFi networks, etc. with weaker signal power. until the work is ineffective

What does the GPS Jammer look like?

The characteristics of the signal cutter are different. Depends on the manufacturer but the same thing is The manufacturer will deliberately make these machines look seamless with the car or whatever it wants to cut off the signal.

For the car GPS signal cutter found Usually looks like a small bar. Plug it into your car's cigarette lighter. or looks like a smartphone But it's easy to notice that it will definitely be connected to any part of the car.

Can GPS cope with signal cutters?

GPS of sufficient quality will be able to cope with the signal cutter

Adequate quality of GPS is the system that the GPS receiver is capable of. and services to take care of the use of GPS, which both factors must go hand in hand

Because the prevention of GPS signal disconnection requires both short-term and long-term care. Short- term is a service to take care of the use of GPS that tracks the GPS signal of the car 24 hours a day, and immediately alerts when an abnormality is found. where the owner of the car does not have to follow

The long term is understanding of the car owner that How does GPS work? See for yourself how the GPS works. GPS signal interference

because in many cases Interfering with GPS signals doesn't have to be done to steal a car. But it was done to distort vehicle usage data such as driving distance. Driving time, speed, or other accident-prone driving behaviors that people who use cars may have intentions to hide

For CARTRACK GPS car care for both short term and long term. Because we have a team of experts in vehicle tracking that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a Fleet Management vehicle tracking system that tracks and alerts the owner of the vehicle immediately when it finds risky or unusual driving behavior.

Test the GPS system to see how much safer your car can be taken care of. Call 02-136-2921 or click “Contact us for free here” to fill out the information for the staff to contact you back as quickly as possible.


True story of CARTRACK customers who rent a car and find an abnormal operation of GPS tracking the car, which in the end is caused by..?